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The project 

Not posted on here for a while so i thought i should update the world(or my mom?) on what is going on in the completely fictitious Spoonfingers HQ. The good doctor and I are currently working on "the project". Here is a bit of random information about "the project": 

The working title:
"Science and Nature" 

Possibly an album. Possibly 4 eps. Possibly a 4 part magazine with a free disc inside. And maybe a toy depending on budget. 

Themes: Science. Nature. Science and nature. Scary Dystopian Science. Wonderful wonderful Nature. Dystopian futures. Dystopian presents 🎁.  Anxiety about it all. Geese and birds and horses. Anxiety about geese birds and horses. Space. Space-time. Gravity. Gravitas. Humans(aren't they great? Also aren't they not so great, and a bit terrifying?) 

Quintessentially Kaleidoscopic electronic and sonically plunderphonic
Also a bit moronic.
(That needs a mnemonic) 

Introducing new Musical styles such as:
Informative house
Victorian Trip-Hop
Chernobyl House
Uneasy Listening(Queasy listening)
No-fi hiphop
A bit too minimalistic house.
Wet metal(think rust ...definitely NO JACUZZI ROCK)
Not even a house at all. (Tent?)
pyschadelic down tempo, 
A bit Ambient.

Sounds used:
Samples from free to use science articles and librivox recordings. An Occasional Woap from the the Dr. 
Occasional bass/guitar/piano. Occasional human voice. Occasional robotic voice. Occasional no voice at all. Silence. 

Have a bunch of song titles: 

You can find versions of a good chunk of these on Soundcloud. These may or may not be the finished article. Who knows?
I reckon I'm about 90% done with most of these, which probably means we're about 55% done. I guess we'll see.

Hello and welcome! 

Hello and welcome to the first Spoonfingers blog post!

Hopefully the first of many, but who knows? I might never be arsed to post again. Who knows?

So I have been trying out some songs we created at all kinds of dark corners of the Internet, and we've had some really nice feedback. I have always liked writing music but mostly kept it to myself and friends. The idea that anyone else on this planet likes something I have created is just amazing really and I have decided I would like to try and take this as far as i possibly can. 

As I have shared tracks on reddit, or fresh on the net it has become apparent how quickly we have to have some sort of cohesive web presence. This project only really started in October last year and initially i treated it as a bit of an in joke. The plan was to steal a friend's identity and turn her into some sort of web based musical phenomenem using voice recordings from WhatsApp messages and “deepfake” technology. The whole thing would be a comment on how real anything is in 2023.   

The problem with that is 

a) i am a rubbish liar,

b) explaining the whole thing to anyone made it sound soo soooo creepy.

So instead I have an awesome bandmate and we are a duo. I have the power to make her sing and dance and say all kinds of stupid stuff. I promise I will use this power for the greater good of mankind.

And that is all i have to say today. Hopefully i will come back again some time in the future to ramble on about something else. Until then have some choons.

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