The project

Not posted on here for a while so i thought i should update the world(or my mom?) on what is going on in the completely fictitious Spoonfingers HQ. The good doctor and I are currently working on "the project". Here is a bit of random information about "the project": 

The working title:
"Science and Nature" 

Possibly an album. Possibly 4 eps. Possibly a 4 part magazine with a free disc inside. And maybe a toy depending on budget. 

Themes: Science. Nature. Science and nature. Scary Dystopian Science. Wonderful wonderful Nature. Dystopian futures. Dystopian presents 🎁.  Anxiety about it all. Geese and birds and horses. Anxiety about geese birds and horses. Space. Space-time. Gravity. Gravitas. Humans(aren't they great? Also aren't they not so great, and a bit terrifying?) 

Quintessentially Kaleidoscopic electronic and sonically plunderphonic
Also a bit moronic.
(That needs a mnemonic) 

Introducing new Musical styles such as:
Informative house
Victorian Trip-Hop
Chernobyl House
Uneasy Listening(Queasy listening)
No-fi hiphop
A bit too minimalistic house.
Wet metal(think rust ...definitely NO JACUZZI ROCK)
Not even a house at all. (Tent?)
pyschadelic down tempo, 
A bit Ambient.

Sounds used:
Samples from free to use science articles and librivox recordings. An Occasional Woap from the the Dr. 
Occasional bass/guitar/piano. Occasional human voice. Occasional robotic voice. Occasional no voice at all. Silence. 

Have a bunch of song titles: 

You can find versions of a good chunk of these on Soundcloud. These may or may not be the finished article. Who knows?
I reckon I'm about 90% done with most of these, which probably means we're about 55% done. I guess we'll see.

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